Not draining the water out

Check the drain pump filter is clean (FS)

Your Baumatic washing machine has been designed with an emergency drain facility in the event of the product not operating correctly. You will need to have a washing up bowl or similar dish handy to collect water and a mop or some towels to catch any spillage.

First step is to find where the waste pipe is connected to, you are looking for the grey corrugated hose that comes out of the rear of the product and fitted to the stand pipe  of your house hold drainage system, as shown here.

Remove the waste pipe

grey waste pipe being removed from the drainage stand pipe

Place a shallow dish or washing up bowl down at ground level behind the machine and carefully lower the grey waste hose into the bowl, the water should now start to flow out into the bowl. The bowl will quickly fill up, to stop the water coming out simply lift the grey waste pipe up and the flow will stop. Empty the bowl out and keep going until all of the water has drained out. Re secure the grey hose back into the stand pipe.

It will now be possible to open the door and remove the washing load. Once the water has been drained it is possible to check the pump filter. This is located behind a kick plate or cover found at the bottom front edge of the machine, simply grasp at both sides, push the locking clips down and pull the cover off.


remove front cover

removing the lower front cover or 'kick plate'

With the cover removed the filter access can be found on the right. Place a towel down under the filter as a small amount of residual water will remain in the pump and will drip out onto your floor as shown. With the towel in position twist the filter cover anti clockwise to unscrew it.

filter arrangement

notice water may drip out so place a towel or cloth down on the floor first

twist anti clockwise

twist anti clock wise to unscrew and remove the filter

clean away any lime scale or debris found in the pump chamber and filter

dirty filter

Once the pump filter and chamber is clean dry the filter off and re fit by turning it clockwise until it is tight. Now pop the machine back onto the cycle and check around the front of the machine for leaks.

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Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

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This solution applies to the following models:

Washing Machines

Check the pump for blockages

There may be a blockage in the drain pump filter. Baumatic have designed your machine to make it easy to remove blockages and clean out the pump. The first step is to manually drain the water out, as your machine is integrated the drain hose may be connected to your kitchen sink. Look in the cupboard next to the machine to see if the grey waste pipe is connected to the sink waste.

waste conected to the kitchen sink

waste hose connected to a kitchen sink

Carefully remove the grey waste pipe from the sink and lower it down into a bowl or dish. The water should drain out. Check inside the sink connection for any blockages or obstructions which should be removed. Don't pour any water down the sink with the washing machine hose disconnected as it may drip into the cupboard., if the water does not drain out then there may be a blockage inside the machine. Please ring and arrange for one of our service engineers to repair your appliance.

If you do not have a sink waste connection it will be necessary to de install the machine to locate the drainage pipe work. You may be able to do this yourself depending on the installation, a kitchen fitter may be needed or alternatively our engineers can de install, repair and then re install the product.

Once all of the water has drained away you may remove the filter for cleaning

To get access to the filter you will need to remove the cosmetic wooden plinth that is found at the base of the machine. This may simply pull off or may be fixed by screws, consult your kitchen fitter if you are not sure how to remove it. Once it is removed the filter will be seen on the lower left hand side of the product.

drain pump filter

removing the filter

Place a towel under the filter, there will still be a small amount of water remaining in the pump, twist and unscrew anti clockwise the filter. Clean the filter and remove any debris caught in it. Look inside the pump and clear out any debris.

debris found in the pump

coins, and hairgrips - typical debris found in the pump

pump now cleaned

The pump is now clean

Dry the inside of the pump and the filter and screw it back in clockwise until it is tight. make sure the drain hose has been re fitted into the sink or drainage connection. Put the machine on a rinse programme and look carefully for any leaks and make sure the machine can now successfully pump out the water from the drum. Re install the machine into the housing and / or re fit the plinth.

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Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

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Check the waste connection

If your machine is draining out through your sink drain it is possible that there is a blockage where it joins the sink. Have a look at where your waste pipe is connected, this may be in a cupboard next to the washing machine.


grey waste pipe (left) - typical sink connection

Place a dish or bucket under the hose to catch any spills or debris, remove the hose and check inside for restrictions or blockages. Also check inside the sink connecting pipe work, grease fat and food deposits from your kitchen sink can block this connection. Remove any blockages. Take care not to pour liquids down the sink when this hose is disconnected. Once the waste pipe and the sink connection have been cleared re fit the hose and check to see if the machine will now empty.

Is the kitchen unit just been replaced? Is it a brand new fitted kitchen? it may be that the end of the sink pipe is sealed over, it is supplied like this and the end of the tube will need to be cut open to allow the machine to pump water out through the sink waste.

sink connection

sink connection for the waste pipe (right) notice the pipe is sealed. This will need to be cut open to allow water to flow through from the appliance when it drains

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Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

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