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Start by carefully cutting the straps that secure the card board packaging. Remove the card board.

Machine delivered in cardboard packaging

Next carefully cut through the plastic wrapping, if you are using a knife take care not to scratch the machine or cut through the flex or pipe work found at the back of the product.

Remove all the polystyrene including the base, open the door and inside you will find your instruction book, cold fill hose and waste hose support. These may feel damp: this is perfectly normal as Baumatic test all machines thoroughly before they leave the factory

 Look at the back of the machine and locate the 4 transit bolts. These MUST be removed. If the machine is used with the bolts left in place it will make the machine vibrate and move around the floor and lead to damage to your new machine.

Use a 10mm spanner to unscrew the bolts. Turn anti clockwise until it is loose, then remove the bolt and the packing sleeve.

removing transit bolts

Now position the machine into the area where you want to install it. Fit the new cold fill pipe to the water valve found at the top right hand side of the back of the machine and your cold water supply tap. Make sure you turn the water on, checking for any leaks. The pipe fittings should be hand tight only.

Cold fill hoseFitting the water pipe to the machine

Fit the hose support to the grey waste pipe and then insert into your drain stand pipe as shown

fitting waste

Don't push the waste pipe into the drain with out first fitting the hose support. If you push the waste hose down the drain pipe too far the washer will not fill up, as the water will flush through the machine and out through your drain. Fit the support crook so that about 20 cm of the waste pipe is inserted into the drain stand pipe.

You may connect your waste hose to you kitchen sink as shown, please make sure the hose travels up above the sink bowl. If it does not then each time the sink is emptied some of the dirty water will flow back into your washer.

fitting to a sink

arrows indicate the waste hose is fixed above the height of the sink bowl

The machine may be plugged in to your electricity supply, there may be an isolating switch somewhere in your kitchen so make sure it is switched on. Once the machine has been installed into the location ensure it is level and not rock around on the floor. The front feet are adjustable so you can unscrew them to ensure your machine is stable and not rocking.

The machine is now ready for use.

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Always disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start examining it!

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